About Us

Who We Are And What Makes Us The Best In The Market? SKYDENT Dental Laboratory provides a unique in perception towards the profession, which honors itself as a full partner in the success of treatment . Ariye, the directors and founders of the lab are artists themselves, their work begins in understanding human relations.Exceeding expectations and providing clear and reliable communication between doctors and patients with whom they work.

They visit each stage of the work performed in the laboratory and are fully committed to the satisfaction of both doctor and patient.SKYDENT provides technical support on an extraordinary scale, they are available and willing to provide service in the laboratory or within the clinic itself and believe that there is a solution for everything, and is determined to find one, this provides a sense of security for all those who work with them.

Our laboratory teams of skilled and professional technicians in the industry are carefully selected and specialize in a precise aesthetic works- which is why Skydent crowns itself as symbol of success.They work with leading techniques that are updated every time a new innovation presents itself in dental technology, given the ability to service every country in the world and meeting the highest of international standards.

If until now you thought your problem does not have a solution, know that at SKYDENT we do everything in our power to find it and give you advice along with personal guidance – there is absolutely no substitute for healthy, beautiful teeth that last a lifetime. The way we look at the world is how the world will look at us – then why not do it with a smile?